8 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Wichita CRE News and More

Social media has made receiving news from a variety of sources easier than ever! One of the most-used platforms by news sources worldwide is Twitter and Wichita is no exception. Below, in no particular order, are eight Twitter accounts that often cover news concerning local commercial real estate and a mix of other relevant topics.

Bryan Horwath – @ICTBiz_BHorwath

Bryan Horwath is the real estate reporter for the Wichita Business Journal so his Twitter feed is full of all the big CRE news across the Wichita MSA. He covers more than just real estate though, he also shares other big news stories about Wichita businesses. Bryan is very active on social media, often using it to interact with readers and fellow newsmen as well as conduct informal polls.

Denise Neil – @deniseneil

Denise is the longtime restaurant writer with the Wichita Eagle. “Dining with Denise” is the Eagle’s go-to place for the latest restaurant news and reviews. If there is a new restaurant building in the works in the Wichita area, Denise has become the first place the public turns to learn what it is. On her Twitter you’ll find almost all her stories, covering openings, closings and more.

Downtown Wichita – @DowntownWichita

Downtown Wichita is a non-profit corporation that works to revitalize and promote the core of the city. Among their tweets you’ll find a collection of downtown news and events from a variety of source, including important news on downtown commercial real estate!

Conco Construction – @ConcoWichita

Conco Construction is one of the many local contractors in Twitter. Conco, like other firms, is a fun follow that provides an inside look at big projects throughout Central Kansas. Something that sets their social media apart is their video series introducing you to the various divisions of the company. Conco is a great source for behind-the-scenes looks at local CRE development.

Daniel McCoy – @ICTBiz_dmccoy

Daniel McCoy is the aviation reporter for the Wichita Business Journal. Daniel tweets a nice assortment of local news covering a variety of topics. In regards to commercial real estate, he can be a great source for area industrial news—often covering the movements of the various aerospace companies in Wichita.

Carrie Rengers – @CarrieRengers

Carrie Rengers is the business columnist for the Wichita Eagle. Carrie’s “Have You Heard?” section is a great source for local trending news, often including significant retail and office news. Following Carrie on Twitter will keep you up-to-date on Wichita developments as well as rumored developments!


Shelden Architecture – @sheldenarch

Shelden Architecture, similar to Conco, is a great source for behind-the-scenes and progress photos from notable local projects! Shelden’s Twitter features important CRE news from a number of sources, making it a great account to follow for important local development information.


Occidental Management – @Occidental_Mgmt

Occidental Management is a great source for a larger look at the CRE market. Occidental’s tweets include numerous blogs and articles that explore trends across the nation! Following Occidental is an easy way to compare the Wichita market to others in the U.S.