What is a Self-Contained Appraisal Report?

The Martens Appraisal Self-Contained Appraisal report format is popular within the industry because it satisfies the needs of lenders and large institutions, but can sometimes be arduous to read due to the amount of information. Self-Contained Appraisal Reports can have one, two, or three approaches to value, depending on the situation of the property and use of the appraisal.

Typically, Self-Contained Reports are only used in commercial valuation settings due to the amount of information presented. This type of report has more detail and information than both Restricted Use and Summary Appraisal reports.

If you are looking for a report with details, this is it.  Martens Appraisal Self-Contained Reports contain a significant amount of detail with which the client can use to analyze the property.

The cost of a Self-Contained Report is going to be higher and the delivery time may be longer.  This is due to the fact that the appraiser must spend more time developing the report.